From 31 December 2021, Rotorua will be at ‘Orange’.

For Motion Entertainment to operate in the 'Traffic Light System', this is what it means for you:

  • To enter the complex, you will be required to scan your valid MyVaccinePass.
    • This can be printed or saved on your device.
    • We check this by scanning your MyVaccinePass in our foyer area.
    • This applies to everyone over 12 years and 3 months old.
    • Scanning the Pass confirms that you are vaccinated.
    • We may require supporting photo ID.
    • Exemptions are included as part of MyVaccinePass. No other exemptions will be accepted.
  • You will still need to scan the contact tracing Covid-19 app on entry or complete the manual sign in register at our Customer Service desk.
  • Facemasks
    • When in ‘Red’ and ‘Orange’, facemasks remain mandatory. This means:
      • Facemasks must be worn when not seated at a table.
      • You may remove to eat and drink when seated at a table.
      • Facemasks are recommended when jumping on the trampolines, but not mandatory as this is physical exercise.

My Vaccine Pass: Sign in, log in or download here:

The Traffic Light System: read more here:


Hand sanitizer is available on entry and exit to Motion Entertainment and at various places around the complex. Please use them, and our bathroom washing facilities as often as you can.

Our staff work to COVID-19-focused cleaning routines around the entire complex.

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