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Megazone FAQ
How much does it cost?Each mission is $15 per person and $13pp for children under 16.
Two missions is $25 per adult and $20 per child.

How long is each mission? The mission is in play for 15 minutes.
We recommend you allow up to 25mins per mission to allow time for briefing and getting organised before you go.
Do I have to wear shoes?Yes! Please bring covered footwear with you. Keeping you safe is important to us, so if you get caught out, ask our friendly staff for a pair of complimentary house-shoes.How old do you have to be? It is more about the confidence of the child to be in the dark arena with the loud music and laser lighting.

We do not have a minimum age that we enforce.Do I need to book? It is recommended to book in advance. We definitely take walk-in bookings as well, however, pre-booked groups will be prioritised. How many people can play at once?Megazone Rotorua is set up for up to 24 players.Do we get the game to ourselves? or will there be other people in there too?The more the merrier! Groups of 15+ will have the option to have an exclusive mission. Less than 15 and there is a chance other people will be included in your mission. Do you do group rates?

Adults are $14pp and Children $12ppAdult two missions becomes $23pp and children $20pp.

Zone’s Helios Pro is more than outstanding design; it’s an evolution in concept, bristling with innovation after innovation never seen before in the laser tag industry—all Zone exclusive!

Megazone Rotorua offers 50+ game styles and high spec features never seen before. Try it out and be amazed. Check out the Helios Pro Big Book of Games for a complete list of games and make sure you request your favourite when making your booking.

The Top Three Game Styles we recommend are:

1. Rainbow Solo (First time)The game objective is to score as many points as possible and blast the competition away.Players get unlimited health and power, the game ends after the specified time expires. Players can tag anyone and be tagged by anyone.

2. Teams Pro (Team work)Standard Team PRO is a staple game of most laser game centers around the world. The Objective of the game is to tag as many target zones as possible to accrue the most points of anyone playing in the game. Players can tag only players who are on the opposing teams.

3. Infection (Adding Strategy)Infection is a game where the infected player must tag (infect) as many other players as possible in the round time.All uninfected players will be stealthed (no lights) throughout the game, and the infected player will be chosen at random at the start of every new round. The infected player must then try to tag uninfected players on the front or back (not the shoulders or phaser) to make them infected as well. The infectees must then hunt down the other uninfected players.

Laser games with Helios Pro are vibrant and exhilarating, a thrilling experience for all ages. No other laser tag company provides the quality, features and the excitement that Helios Pro brings to laser tag gaming.Helios Pro is not just a laser tag system; it’s an all-encompassing laser game operational platform designed by today’s leading laser tag company.

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How It Works

No experience needed Just give us a call to book a game or just come on down with your mates, decide how many games your challenge deserves and we will put you on the next available game.

No special equipment is needed, just wear fully enclosed footwear and we provide everything else( you may want to wear dark clothing), Advanced high tech laser packs, Awesome adventure laser tag arena, The ultimate laser game format perfect for your needs, computer scoring, fast pace music, awesome fun and atmosphere, the lot.


1 GameAdult$15
1 GameChild (U16)$13
2 GamesAdult$25
2 GamesChild (U16)$20
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Megazone Laser Tag
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