XD Dark Ride

XD Dark Ride

Dare to do the XD Darkride, it's fun for everyone. World first to blend reactive games into interactive rides. “The Ferrari of virtual reality simulation”. Winner of the prestigious brass ring award at the international association of amusement parks and attractions for best new ride. Never has the phrase "adrenalin junkie" been better applied as you defend yourself from marauding zombies who want to eat you for lunch. And for the littlies, ride a train in the Wild West as you battle cartoon cowboys. No matter which adventure you choose XD Darkride will have you eager to return for more spine-tingling fun.

Dare to do the XD Darkride?

So much fun!

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XD Darkride, So Much Fun!

Forget every preconception you’ve ever attached to the word ‘adventure’ and step into a virtual reality where each one of your natural receptors will compete to process experiences you’ll relive for days to come. The XD Dark Ride experience all happens courtesy of some incredible international award winning technology that sees your seat developing some 400 dynamic movements-per-second in a perfectly synchronised artistry of audio, visual and sensory overload. Why do XD Dark Ride? It's absolute fun because this accurate motion to visual match eliminates motion sickness! Compete with a laser gun and unlimited ammo to shoot creatures you’ll genuinely believe want to eat you, and whose shattered bodies gratifyingly explode in 3D with every hit. XD Dark Ride puts it up real close, real personal and faster than anything everyday reality can create. You’ll come out talking faster than ever, for longer than ever, without even pausing for breath – and if that isn’t enough, it’s totally safe into the bargain… Never has the phrase ‘adrenalin junkie’ been better applied, which makes the place easy to find as you get closer, because at XD Darkride, EVERYONE can hear you scream… Dare to do the XD Dark Ride!

The head of global entertainment behemoth Sega described the ride as the very best simulation experience ever created, and the word in the industry is that it could take decades before such huge technological strides can be matched.

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XD Dark Ride
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