Escape Masters

About The Game

Escape Masters is an adventure, where teams are locked in a themed room and their common goal is to break out within an hour. To escape, they have to use objects from around the room, find clues and solve puzzles! It is a room filled with brainteasers, tricky riddles, locks, keys and a lot of fun.

This internationally popular phenomenon promises a vivid experience where you can become the main character of a captivating mystery. Get in touch with your sleuthing prowess, and test your teamwork and communication skills. Make this your chance to think outside the box, put the batteries in your thinking cap, and enjoy this fast-paced game!

New Zealand's First Real-Life Escape Game

A place where everyone becomes a hero

It's nearly time for you to make your escape, are you ready?

Simply select the number of adults and children in your group, choose an experience and pick a date and time that suits you by clicking on the Book button. Once you have filled out all the necessary details you will be able to add another experience to your booking before checking out.

After booking a game with Escape Masters you will receive a confirmation e-mail, and then you and your team can begin to brain-train before taking on the challenges of our escape rooms.

You are welcomed to pay for the game online or before the game via EFTPOS, credit card or cash.

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